Vehicle rental terms and conditions

Age requirements and qualifications

Drivers are expected to have a valid Driving License for at least one complete year before the day of rental. The minimum age is 21 for the cars and 18 for the bikes.
An International Driving License is required by Greek Law for all drivers that are not citizens of the European Union. Also an International Driving License must accompany any Driving License in characters that are not readable in English or Greek.

Minimum rental period

The minimum rental period for any vehicle is two days.


The vehicles’ prices include all taxes.


If you need to cancel your reservation, you can send an email to with your reservation details.

Traffic fines

Tickets and attached administrative sanctions, resulting from any form of violation of the Greek Traffic Law during rental period are borne solely by you.

Fuel consumption

Fuel consumption is payable by you. All renters are obliged to leave the car with the same amount of fuel as when delivered, otherwise a fuel charge will be put forward. We do not give refunds for excess fuel.

Ferrying the vehicle

Ferrying the vehicle is strictly forbidden. AutoLux insurance policy does not cover any vehicles leaving the island of Zakynthos.

Additional driver

It is possible to have one additional driver per vehicle but you will be charged 2 euros per day. The additional driver should have a valid Driving License and meet the age requirements.

Vehicle delivery and collection

We offer free delivery and collection to Zante Town, Airport, Kalamaki, Laganas, Argassi, Tsilivi, Tragaki, Alykes, Alykanas, Agios Sostis / Lithakia, Keri and Vasilikos. There is an additional charge for delivery and collection to Volimes and Kampi due to distance. The additional charge concern delivery and collection separately.
When collecting the vehicle, you need to have a valid Driving License, Passport or ID and your Reservation Code (for online reservations). You will be given a Rental Agreement to check and sign. The Rental Agreement will show all services and insurances provided as well as any extra services and insurances you have chosen.


In case you do not pick-up the vehicle at the specified pick-up place and time you provided during your reservation process, without any prior written notice, your reservation will be cancelled after 1 hour. In case you can’t pick-up the vehicle at the specified pick-up time due to a cancelled or delayed flight please take the time to send an e-mail to or call us at +30 6982732259 or +30 6980290675, and inform us of your delay. By doing so, you ensure that your vehicle will be waiting for you when you arrive.

Early Return / Late Return

In case you return the vehicle earlier than the specified Return Date & Time, please note that there will be no refund.
In case you return the vehicle later than the specified Return Date & Time, please note that there will be a grace period of 20 minutes. In case you do not return the vehicle within this period, you will be charged a full day of rental, at the current rate.

Loss of key

In case of key loss, you will be charged for the new one.

Personal belongings and valuables

AutoLux is not liable for personal belongings / valuables that were stolen or lost from the vehicle or damaged during an accident.

Rental extension

If you want to keep the vehicle longer than the contracted period, you have to contact AutoLux in order to extend your Rental Agreement upon availability. Please notice that you have to contact us at +30 6982732259 or +30 6980290675, at least 2 hours prior to Return Date & Time.

Road assistance

Road assistance is available 24 hours a day. Please contact us at +30 6982732259 or +30 6980290675.

CDW (Colision Damage Waiver) insurance

With CDW (Colision Damage Waiver) insurance, renter’s liability is reduced to 650 euros. However, there are exceptions for damages which are not covered by the insurance. Such cases are single damages to the lower part of the vehicle, wheels and tires, as well as damages due to driving on an improper road surface, towing another vehicle, transfer of explosives, negligence, rallying and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Furthermore, keys, canvas roofs and wheel covers and other accessories are not covered by the insurance. Clients are obliged to inform AutoLux immediately in case of an incident otherwise insurance may be void. Please note that there is an optional insurance for 7 euros per day for cars or 15 euros per day for minibuses (Full Collision Damage Waiver) that limits the liability in case of accident to 0 euros.

You can also check the Frequently Asked Questions before booking a vehicle. Please click here to read them.